• Vores Hotel

Mama Leo Mountain Lodge

Our hotel has 12 double rooms with toilet and shower. All rooms have large windows and all kept in a light décor. The rooms are naturally ventilated and have mosquito nets and are always kept clean.

To accommodate the families with many children we have two very big family rooms, each apartment containing two toilets with showers, children’s area and parent’s area all in the same big room. We believe that the rooms are a place to sleep and relax, but the real recharging of the guests “battery” happens is the fantastic surrounding that the hotel offers. There are many small lush and beautiful gardens to sit in and read a book.

The outside limestone fireplace where we light a log fire every night, the restaurant area where you can relax with tea, coffee or a drink with a nice breeze. Mama Leo Mountain and Coffee Lodge is a green, fantastic, lush and very unexpected little breathing space in the vibrant and hectic city Arusha

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